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Grease Traps

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Grease trapsGrease traps supply & installation

Aqua Master Plumbers Pty Ltd specialise in the installation of fibreglass grease arrestors/grease traps, and the re-lining of existing units for the waste water industry. All plumbing and drainage will comply with the AS3500 Plumbing and Drainage Code and the NSW Code of Practice.

All the materials we utilize comply with Australian Standards and the grease traps/grease arrestors and liners are Sydney Water approved for above ground and in-ground installations as sufficient pre-treatment for trade waste water from retail food businesses prior to discharge to Sydney Waters sewers.

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Custom made grease trapsCustom made grease traps

We can arrange a custom made grease trap to suit specific invert levels or space requirements, weather you have a deep or swallow invert level, a sloping loading dock ramp, no head room in a basement, or can't gravity feed to sewer, a grease trap can be custom made. This has many benefits such as cost savings, increased structural attainment, ease of installation, and reduced long term maintenance.

Should clients require a trade waste infrastructure upgrade, which was the case with the Manly Pacific Hotel, but access is difficult due to doorway sizes and the like, we can arrange for a semi build product so it can be taken into the building in pieces, so that construction can be completed at the site location. Remote pump out suction lines can be fitted to any grease traps if service access is difficult.

Project: supply and installation of a custom made stainless steel 3000L grease arrestor at the Manly Pacific Hotel.

Our solution: above ground grease arrestor located in grease trap room in car park basement.

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Grease trap re-lining serviceGrease trap re-lining service & grease trap retro fit outs

We can advise on options for repair or replacements of existing grease traps with a bottom outlet pipe, which are now outdated. Our service will determine if the grease trap is structurally unsound or corroded, or if it needs to be replaced (to comply with Sydney Water's trade waste requirements.) We can also assist in providing advice on the best method to repair the grease trap if it is concrete. Such methods include cement rendering, epoxy lining or relining with a fibreglass liner all of which we cater to.

Where any existing grease trap is identified to have corroded walls and/or floors, we are able to co-ordinate the insertion of a liner into the grease trap. This option can save clients money compared to replacing the entire grease trap unit. Trap liners are basically a completely new grease trap that fits into your old unit as demonstrated in the project below.

Project: Hungry Jack's grease trap re-lining.

Our solution: from the images below, you can see the difference we made to a Hungry Jack's outlet's grease arrestor.

Grease arrestor after
Grease arrestor after
Grease arrestor before
Grease arrestor before

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Grease trap lid optionsGrease trap lid options

Our services include the supply and installation of pit lids to suit various needs. For above ground you can choose from fibreglass, checker-plate, or stainless steel options with a rubber and foam gas tight seal. For below ground installation of grease traps, gas tight covers and frames are used in either Class "B" for pedestrian loading and small vehicles only, or class "D" for complete road traffic loadings. Gas tight covers and frames can be either concrete in-fill or solid top with choices of brass or stainless steel edging if required. Gas tight covers and frames are available in either full span or sectional design.

By utilising our Grease Trap Preventative Maintenance Services will identify and ensure that covers are regularly checked for damage or deterioration and where applicable will be greased at least once a year to ensure a gas tight seal is maintained between the covers and the frame. We will ensure as per Sydney Water trade waste requirements the covers must sit flush with the frame.

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Other grease trap servicesOther grease trap services
  • Supply and installation of floor wastes, dry basket arrestors, and bucket traps
  • Disconnecting grease traps
  • Water jetting of sewer and trade waste lines
  • Camera Detection of sewer and trade waste lines
  • Pipelining of sewers and trade waste lines
  • Gantry, work platforms, steps, hand rails for above ground grease traps
  • Check and gate valves replacements

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Backflow preventionBackflow prevention

Aqua Master Plumbers will ensure the site and zone have adequate backflow prevention. Pending on existing circumstances where applicable we will install and maintain a backflow containment device at all the water meters servicing the property. We will also ensure that a tap (hose cock) be installed and or maintained within five metres of any pre-treatment equipment and a backflow prevention device will be fitted or maintained on the inlet side of the hose cock.

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Disconnecting grease trapsDisconnecting grease traps

If your business process changes or your trade wastewater is no longer discharged to the sewer, we can disconnect grease traps from the sewer in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3500. We will co-ordinate with your Liquid waste transporters to empty the trap before disconnection. A pipe is then inserted through, or around, the grease trap from inlet to outlet and the trap filled with sand or metal. We also assist or arrange to meet with a Sydney Water customer service representative who will inspect the disconnected trap and authorise the trade waste permit to be cancelled.

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